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Who am I? Why is this blog here?

I am the content guru! In 2003 I found myself in one of those crossroads of life. The result is that I decided to change my profession (I was no longer interested in designing seamless underwear...) and so I started writing about everything ever since.

I have been writing web content and growing my new career along with the field of web marketing. What used to be an esoteric side kick is now a full blown market, that calls for high quality content among the many mediocre writings and digital scribbles of the masses. After 10 years of writing for others and two years of writing for the benefit of my CPU alone (the digital equivalent of a drawer), I have decided to share my experience and to start posting for myself.

Content about anything and everything is what you will find here - all written be moi! No automatic generators! So feel free to read and enjoy. and if you would like me to write up some web content for you, feel free to ask...


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I wrote a post for a bloggers competition

I am competing in a bloggers competition on the JobMob blog!
The link to read it is
I wrote a post about dating and job interviewing... I hope you like it. take a look and vote for me!
the more votes I get, the bigger my chances to win!


PS: At a later stage, I will republish it also in this blog.

Sponsoring the competition:
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